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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you go to school for this?

How do I remove face paint?

Will face paint make me break out?

Do you paint adults?

Do you paint young children?

Are you insured?

What type of paint do you use?

Can I book multiple artists for multiple services?

What type of events do you do?

How many faces can you paint in an hour?

How many balloons can you twist in an hour?

How far do you travel?

Yes! My degree is in graphic design, but I invest in myself and attend multiple conventions a year to learn new techniques and designs from the best of the best! I will never stop learning, growing, and improving my art. 

Face paint can be easily removed with mild soap and water. My recommendation is to gently wipe with a damp paper towel to remove the majority of the makeup, then add a small amount of mild soap (micellar water also works great) and repeat. If you're noticing some pigment staining, the natural oils in your skin will help lift it or you can try a skin safe oil like olive oil. Do not scrub or use harsh cleaners as it can cause irritation.

The face paint I use is cosmetic grade, water activated makeup. If you have had sensitivities to other makeup, then it is possible and I'm happy to paint your arm instead!

I love painting adults! In addition to painting lots of adult faces, I've done multiple body paintings. You're never too old to be painted!

It is not recommended to use any cosmetics on children under the age of 3. Their skin is still very sensitive and it may cause a higher chance of contact dermatitis as they get older. 

Yes! I'm fully insured by Beauty and BodyWork Insurance.

I only use trusted brands from reputable sellers. The brand I use the most is Superstar. I prefer it because it's glycerin based which makes it more flexible and comfortable to wear with no cracking.  I often forget I'm wearing it! I also use wax based paints for my linework because it makes a nice crisp line and is easy to layer over the glycerin paint.

Yes! I have an amazingly talented team that is ready to make your event one to remember! Simply mention what you're looking for in the booking request form on the Let's Party page!

We do everything from small birthday parties to large corporate events and festivals! Our services are not just for kids. I've also made adults sparkle at galas, body painted for showcases, face painted at sporting events, and decorated for graduation parties. 

For private events I generally paint 18-20 faces per hour. For corporate events, I'm one of a few area artists that can offer speed painting and paint up to 30 faces per hour! 

For my "Not Your Average Balloon" parties I like to do more complex designs to really wow your guests and I average about 18 an hour. If you need speed, I pride myself in coming up with fast designs that are still impressive and can twist 40+ balloons per hour!

If I have the time, I don't mind traveling! Anything within 30 minutes from West Chester is included in my hourly rate. There's a $50 travel fee per 30 minutes after that (31-60 minutes is $50, 61-120 minutes is $100, etc.)

Did I miss something?

If you have a question that you don't see answered above, let me know!

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon!

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